Give Me Your Heart

Give Me your heart–without reservation. Stop holding back little pieces of  yourself that you consider to be personal or insignificant. I want all of  you.

Place Me above everything else in your life. Every ambition, every desire, every want should– no must have its root planted in Me to produce good fruit, lasting fruit meet for My Kingdom. It is the only fruit that satisfies, the only fruit that glorifies. (see John 15: 7-8)

Stop saying “I can’t” or “I don’t know how”. Take the steps and I’ll show you how.

Numb feelings are lifeless memories let them go. Release thoughts of rejection, hurtful wounds and a ragged past.

Live Life!

Everything that you do or say should and must be a source of life. In all you do be a channel of life.

Fruitful, healing, energizing life.

This is why the branches can do nothing of themselves. They must be connected to the vine to have life flowing through them. (see John 15:5)

Have life, emanate life. Live the abundance I have for you and you will be a blessing.

And you will be blessed!


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