Archive | November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello Blog family, this is my 200th post on Wordscroll!

This blog began on January 1, 2013, in obedience to God’s call on my heart. The Lord speaks the messages to my heart, His special gift for you of fresh bread, to encourage, build up, stir your spirit, motivate and yes sometimes correct those who have ears to hear.

My role is not always easy for, to whom much is given, much is required. I spend countless hours ‘listening’ to the Lord, and reading the Word and as, I too, am receiving the messages, I spend the rest of my hours putting into practice what I hear. The key word is practice, because it isn’t easy changing and sometimes, undoing, a lifetime of ingrained habits, along with developing new. But the Lord is so gracious and encouraging, enabling this to be a major year of joy and growth for me; as well as a tremendous blessing!

This Thanksgiving, I am so very thankful to the Lord Jesus who trusts me to speak His heart; I love you with all my heart, soul, mind and body! Thankful for my loving husband who gives up so much time with me, so that I can answer the call on my heart. Thank you to my wonderful family and friends, as well as teachers and mentors along my path; you have all helped me so much!

My dear blog family of faithful readers, I haven’t forgotten you!  I am ever so grateful for all your encouragement, kind words and the time you spend reading the posts; allowing me to flood your mailbox for the first five months of daily postings.

To one and all a sincere thank you! May you all be very blessed this Thanksgiving and always. Enjoy your family time and for those who are not able to be with family, remember that we are all your family and we love you!

Thank you all very much for visiting and reading Wordscroll.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone, may you be BLESSED!

Lori J. O’Neil