Special Announcement!

Hello Friends!

I have a special announcement to the world–the Lord has indicated to me that it is time to send the books!

Please let me explain . . .

You may have read previously, when I wrote about the Lord asking me to compile a book of His messages. As I began to do that, ‘prisoners’, arose in my heart so strong that I began to sort messages for an additional book for them as well. It was soon clear that one book was to be two; and ‘His Voice in My Heart Volume II’ has now been written and scheduled to be printed in the spring.

All along it has been strong on my heart to send the books to prisoners.

So when the Lord indicated it was time, I spent an excited and near sleepless night, culling over blog posts on “Inmate Blogger.” A special website, hosted by Suzie Bosko, that gives a platform for inmates to share what’s on their hearts’. So as I read and collected addresses, it was 4:30am when I began to look into the protocol for sending books; only to find that individuals can no longer send books to prisoners; with the exception of ordering from Amazon or Barnes and Noble. I was stunned and asked the Lord, “What do I do now?” He didn’t make me wait, not even five minutes, but immediately led me to a ministry in Florida that has, for 26 years, been doing exactly that — placing books in prisons all over the country. I barely slept two hours that night, but I got my answer!

I called “Prison Book Project” the next morning and received from, Joyce, a warm and enthusiastic reception. They have a roster of 2,715 prisons, jails and rehabs all over USA and some outside the country, including our wonderful, faithful troops in Afghanistan, that they send books to–wow!

So I am scraping all I can and my publisher is in process to send 2,500 books.

And today it is strong on my heart to offer to anyone out there, feeling a stirring in their heart, to join us in this special project–please do!

We welcome all contributions, big or small!

To donate, please go to https://www.nationofwomen.com, this is an affiliate ministry of Nation of Women Publishing, my publisher. At this site, funds can be donated toward the purchase of books to be given and it is a 501c3 non-profit, your gift is tax deductible. Visit the secure link above and from a computer, click on the contribution tab at the top. From a smartphone, click on the 4 small lines in the upper right corner and then select ‘contribution’. On the contribution page click on ‘donate here’ button under the butterfly. Please include a note in the comment section that your donation is for the prison books. You may also send a check to the address provided on that website.

All money will be used to purchase books to be given. I will not receive any money from this. Please understand that, for this project only, Canaanland will not be receiving the proceeds, since no proceeds are coming in. All funds are going out, in given books. Canaanland is still and always will receive any proceeds from ‘Comfort in the Challenge’ books, purchased otherwise. I do urge you to continue to purchase, to help that wonderful and much needed ministry!

If you would like further verification of the validity of this project, please do call “Prison Book Project.” of Titusville, Florida. I want you to give with confidence, knowing that your money will entirely be used for this special prison ministry. Visit https://www.prisonbookproject.org for details and contact information.

Please consider acting quickly, as we will be placing the printing order very soon, before the end of this year. I hope to greatly increase that order, beyond what I can possibly do on my own. Together we can bring healing, hope and the Love of Jesus to thousands of hurting men and women all over the USA and beyond! Any monies received after the order has been placed will be held by the publisher in anticipation of Volume II, now written, but in the process of editing; and these will be sent out to prisons as well.

I invite you to re-blog* this to your website–please help me reach the world!

Together, let’s join our hearts’ to bring the Blessing and the Love of God to those that may be hidden from society, but not hidden from the Lord!

If that one is you, you are not forgotten–you are loved!

“Then the King will say to those at his right hand, ‘Come, O blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world; for I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me.” Matthew 25:35-36

“–‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me.'” Matthew 25:40

Thank you and God Bless you,

Lori O’Neil

Two new books available to help you in these challenging times . . .

“Comfort in the Challenge.” Published in 2019, and written in dedication to caregivers. A book inspired by God, in provision, before awareness of Covid 19. Read it to be comforted, and encouraged. All messages are spoken from the Heart of God as fresh bread. All proceeds from “Comfort in the Challenge” go directly to Canaanland Ministries of Autaugaville, Alabama. Canaanland has a wonderfully successful 40 year history, dedicated to helping men, desiring to overcome addiction, find new life in Jesus!

“His Voice in My Heart,” published in 2020. A journey of messages God has spoken over the past seven years. In sorting messages for “Comfort in the Challenge,” ‘prisoners’ welled up in my heart so strongly, that I began to sort messages for this special assignment as well. “His Voice in My Heart” is filled with His messages to comfort, challenge and bring restoration; along with several inspiring true testimonies of God’s healing and provision. “His Voice in My Heart” is a special book in your journey to freedom!

The messages are spoken from the heart of God, but are not meant to replace the Word; rather, they serve to lead you to it, give practical application, and encourage understanding of the Word. It is the Word of God that saves, heals and delivers–Jesus, is the Word. Included in both books you will find many scriptures for your study in the Word.

Both books may be ordered from, Nation of Women Publishing, found by clicking the link below.

Book Order Link: https://www.nationofwomenpublishing.com

Prison Book Donation Link: https://www.nationofwomen.com

Canaanland Ministries Link: https://www.canaanland.com

Contact: wordscroll@gmail.com

β™₯ Do not hold back from supporting ministries that are preaching the gospel around the world. They serve the Lord and are reaching places you may never see. When you support the preaching of the Gospel, you support the Lord’s work and hasten our coming Lord, King Jesus β™₯

Human nature tends to shoot their best supporting foot, just because it steps a little different than the other. May we all take on the ‘nature’ of God and receive His peace and understanding for one another!

*Please note: For some reason the re-blog button does not show up on the homepage. But I discovered that if you simply click on the title of this post, “Special Announcement” at the top of the page, it will take you to the individual post page; which has a reblog button at the bottom, right next to the “like” button.

Thank you for sharing this and for your generous donations, in partnership, to reach the world!

19 thoughts on “Special Announcement!

  1. Hi Lori, I clicked on the link in your last paragraph, and it still takes me to the page with no reblog button. I lost my reblog button a couple of months ago, too. Only a few of the blogs I follow still have it. One of my blogging friends said her reblog tab spontaneously came back, a week or so ago. Hopefully we will get ours back, too.


      • Hey I figured out a shortcut and updated the post. If you are at the homepage and there is no re-blog button, simply click on the title and it will take you to the individual page and that has the re-blog button right by the like button at the bottom.
        Whew that was work! It would be nice if they would just fix the glitch! 😊


      • It’s not going to because I took that link off. Did you read the last reply where I said I found a shortcut? Simply click on the title at the top of the page. At the bottom of the page it takes you to, is a re-blog button, next to the like button. Who knew! 😁


      • Yes, I read your last reply and tried it that way, by going to your home page and then clicking on the title of your post. I still did not get a reblog button. The problem is probably on my end, because I am having multiple issues with WP.

        I’m going to bed now, it’s been a busy day. My stepdaughter and I moved a very heavy, large, solid wood desk into the house from her truck, down two halls, and then we had to remove a door to get the desk into her dad’s study. I’m feeling the sore muscles already, ouch. But he loves his desk, yaay.


  2. This is a great idea and I’ll check into it further. I have several published books and I’m more than willing to donate several to be sent out. I just need more details on how to do that. Thank you for the info. on how to contact them. Blessings to you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sue was I supposed to do something on my end? I am not used to how reblogs work. It says you reblogged it but I don’t see it on your site. I replied to your comment and thanked you, was I supposed to hit approve or something?


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