Bill’s Unshakable Hope

The world lost a great man today and if you have not met him, I am sorry for your loss. I have only known him for a short time, but very few people have affected me more.

He is the author of the blog, Unshakable Hope, here on WordPress, and you may find his many years of messages at

Bill Sweeney, suffered for over 24 years with ALS; a terrible disease that slowly takes a life away, but keeps the person trapped in a body they can’t use as it progresses. You may read about the disease elsewhere, but what I want you to read here is about the man inside. He is the one that couldn’t speak to you, but spoke to thousands from his computer. He maintained his own blog through modern technology; a computer program that would type each letter that his retina rested on. That in itself is a miraculous discovery. I Praise the Lord for the insight for this that He gave, and am thankful for the person that developed it– truly an amazing gift to the world–as is Bill!

I can’t imagine how painstakingly and tediously long it must have taken to type out a post, one focused letter at a time, but Bill never took pause or shortcut. His ministry to the world brought compassion, insight, love, respect, humor and most of all tremendous encouragement! He was a friend to all, and thousands were refreshed by his timely messages. It was a ministry of love that took him to the Throne of God, and then out to the world and back again. It took him out of a body that wouldn’t respond, to a Body that responded–the Body of Christ.

The old adage of “behind every good man is a good woman,” may not be politically correct anymore, but it certainly is correct for Bill. He would not have been able to do all that he has done without the loving support, strength and tenacity of his wonderful wife, Mary. My heart goes out to this sweet woman, a valiant fighter, a strong woman of God. My heart cries out for the years ahead, as Mary carves this new path. I have lived it, am living it, and I so wish I could spare her this!

Mary, Lauren and Leah, may God’s peace and comfort surround you now. May you be comforted, always, with the knowledge that Bill stands before the Throne of God, in worship. He is singing!!!

May you all find strength for the days and years to come. May you be surrounded with love!

Thank you for sharing your husband, dad, with the world and your extended family of God. He truly is a gift to us all

With much love and prayers, Lori J. O’Neil

7 thoughts on “Bill’s Unshakable Hope

  1. When I prayed after reading his last post on Christmas Eve, the Lord spoke to my heart and told me that Bill’s suffering would come to an end very soon. I am glad that his suffering is over. And… I am also sad. I miss our brother Bill.

    Some day — some glorious day — we will meet our precious brother face to face, and praise the Lord together in our heavenly home.

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