Archive | March 3, 2021

Come Away My Beloved

I ask . . . and you comply.

But, do you know — that you are very dry?

You used to come running . . . with arms held open wide.

You used to linger . . . when I was by your side.

Many long, for time to spend with Me . . . You seem distant, unaware of My plea.

Hearken to Me, as I, in turn, listen to you . . . But, there is so much more, in store, for you!

We used to be close . . . We used to be quiet together . . . Can you tell Me, why the separation?

When did it start?

Why did we part?

Come running to Me — with arms held open wide.

I long to be — right there by your side.

We, truly, never do part . . . but, I want your heart!

Do you love Me?

Show Me.

Spend time with Me . . . as I long to spend time with you!

That is My plea . . .

Spend time with Me!

“Can you not discern this new day of destiny breaking forth around you? The early signs of my purposes and plans are bursting forth. The budding vines of new life are now blooming everywhere. The fragrance of their flowers whispers, “There is change in the air.” Arise, my love, my beautiful companion, and run with me to a higher place. For now is the time to arise and come away with me.” “You must catch the troubling foxes, those sly little foxes that hinder our relationship. For they raid our budding vineyard of love to ruin what I’ve planted within you. Will you catch them and remove them for me? We will do it together.” Song of Songs 2:13, 15, TPT



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