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The Presence of an Angel

An Angel made their presence known to me today.

I was standing in my kitchen and had just pulled out, from its envelope, a thank you note that I had received the night before. Just as I did, my dog let out a protective growl, that I’ve never heard from him before. Startled, I glanced down at him and he was looking up above my head. Simultaneously, as he let out the growl, I felt an Angel touch both my shoulders. A powerful anointing shot through my body, all the way to my toes and continued in wave upon wave.

It has been evident to me, for about a year now and more frequent lately, that my dog has been seeing Angels in my home. But this is the first time that I was touched by one, directly, at the same time that he was seeing it. It is further unusual that he would have such a fierce growl and then nothing more. It was as if he was silenced.

I waited to see if there was something required of me–

I didn’t receive instruction, so I sat down to write with the anointing of this, Presence, still upon me. I am excited to see that new directions are sprouting forth and look forward to all He has in the future, for all of the Body of Christ.

God is on the move, don’t miss out!

You have a special place, all your own, and you will want to be ready and standing directly in His Will for your life. You have a key part, all who are willing do!

Be willing, be sanctified, be ready!

“Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?” Hebrews 1:14 NIV


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These books are not my words; other than testimony pages, they are all His messages. Listen as He speaks to your heart and takes you on a journey to bring healing and wholeness to your spirit, soul and body. These messages speak His heart, but they are not to replace the Word; they serve to amplify the Word with practical application and insight.

Read the Word!

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Thank you and God Bless You,

Lori J. O’Neil