In my young twenties I lived alone in a tiny little house that I rented. I was a happy lil camper then, but my house just seemed to be a little too quiet. I was missing a little black Miniature Schnauzer named Toby that I no longer had.

There was a rule where I lived that said “NO PETS” but, not to be deterred, I spoke to the Lord about it and asked Him if He would work on changing my landlord’s mind. Confident that He would answer my prayer, I went to the landlord that afternoon and asked if I could have a dog. The answer was that I had proved to be a good renter and YES! I thanked him and let him know that I was just thinking about it so it would likely be awhile, but apparently the Lord already had my desire on His heart when I called, because the answer was already in the mail 🙂

The next day I was sitting on a tiny couch, in my tiny house, when I heard the paper being delivered. It was a free local circular that was mostly ads. The Lord spoke to my heart to go get the paper “right now” because my dog was in it. You can imagine I didn’t waste any time getting out that door. I was so excited when I opened the paper and the first ad my eyes fell on was that of a black Miniature Schnauzer for sale for $75.00. Now at the time I only had $15.00 to my name but, not to be deterred, for I had heard from God–I called. We agreed to meet at my workplace in the parking lot at 9:30 that night and that I would buy the dog.

So excited, I went to work that day telling everyone I was buying a dog that night. At lunch break, I related to my co-workers that I wanted to get a cage because the dog was a puppy and I didn’t want him chewing up my antiques when I was at work. One gal announced that she had a cage and would sell it to me for $15.00. Now I hadn’t told anyone how much money I had, but it was perfect–I had just enough! She ran home on break and got the cage, which I bought with the only money I had. Now with no money to my name, I still went around telling everyone I was buying a dog that night. It didn’t occur to me to panic that I didn’t have any money; I had heard from God and I guess He gave me a gift of faith to go along with it.

Now it is was dinner time and I was setting up for a party. Oh, did I mention I was a banquet waitress? I worked for a big hotel in the city and had the greatest job ever for a young single gal. Every night at work, the place was decorated to the hilt, everyone was dressed up, excited, happy, and my job was a blast! So I was setting up that afternoon for a party that I was to serve that night by myself. The manager’s office was just before the storeroom and just as I was passing by the general manager poked his head out the door and greeted me. “Oh, Hi Lori,” he said. “Are you the only one here?” He asked, as he looked up and down the hallway. As I nodded he said, “Well, I guess you can have yours now.” Inviting me into his office. he handed me an long, white envelope. Now, this was in June mind you, you know the month halfway past Christmas? He hands me this envelope and says, This is your Christmas bonus.” Looking a bit sheepish he added, “We never got them out last Christmas.” Smiling broadly, I thanked him and later discovered that it contained a check for $150.00.

Now my bank was conveniently located one block up from the hotel, so you can guess the rest. She brought the dog to me that night and when I called Toby he came running to me as if that had always been his name. I took Toby home to my tiny little house and he raced through every room, all four of them. After about two minutes he was satisfied that he had investigated everything and he came and laid on my foot and went to sleep. Soon to become inseparable buddies; one of our favorite things to do was to sit on the floor in front of the wall furnace. He would take one vent and I the other and we would soak up the heat in amiable silence. Oh, did I say the house was too quiet? Well, maybe I was wrong. Maybe all I needed was Toby to enjoy the quiet with me.


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