When in my early twenties I lived alone in a tiny little house that just seemed to be a little too quiet. I was missing a little black Miniature Schnauzer dog named Toby, that I no longer had.

The rule where I lived was “NO PETS,” but I spoke to the Lord about it and asked Him if He would convince my landlord otherwise.  Confidently approaching the landlord that afternoon, to ask if I could have a dog, his response was favorable. I thanked him, but clarified that I was just thinking about it and that it likely wouldn’t happen right away. Apparently though, the Lord already had my desire on His heart, when I prayed, because the answer was already in process.

The next day, when sitting in my living room, I heard a car pull up to my mailbox to deliver the paper. This was a free circulation that consisted of local happenings, ads, and classifieds. The Lord then clearly spoke to my heart, “Go get the paper,” He said. “Your dog is in it.” Immediately I jumped up and ran out the door; I was so excited to open the paper. The first ad my eyes fell on was that of a black, Miniature Schnauzer for sale, $75.00. It amazes me to this day that, at the same time He must have given me a gift of faith, because it just didn’t occur to me that I didn’t have enough money. I literally had only $15.00, no credit cards and no other money in the bank. I lived pretty much hand to mouth, by faith in those days! With no thought of lack I called the woman and told her I wanted the dog. She agreed to meet me at my work, in the parking lot, at 9:30 that night to make the exchange.

So excited, I went to work that day telling everyone that would listen about the dog I was getting that night. At lunch break, I related to my co-workers that I needed a cage, because the dog was a  nine-month old puppy and I didn’t want him chewing up my antiques when I was at work. A co-worker piped up that she had a cage and would sell it to me for $15.00. Now I hadn’t told anyone how much money I had, but it was perfect—I had just enough! She lived nearby, so she went home and got the cage for me. Now I owned a cage, but had no money, and my dog coming in a matter of a few hours. It just didn’t occur to me to panic, for I had heard from God and that just never crossed my mind. Instead, I continued excitedly telling everyone around that I was getting a dog—tonight!

As a banquet waitress for a large hotel, we often worked what we called a ‘double shift,’ which was working two different parties on the same day. This day I was to work both lunch and dinner, but everyone else went home after the lunch shift.

The manager’s office was located just before a freezer and dry storage room and as I passed by the manager leaned out his door to greet me. “Oh, Hi Lori,” he said. “Are you the only one here?” he asked, peering down the hall past me. When I nodded affirmation he continued, “Well, I guess you can have yours now.” With that he invited me into his office and handed me a long, plain white business envelope. Now this was the month of June—summertime!  Grinning a little sheepishly he clarified, “This is your Christmas bonus.” adding, “We never got them out last year.” With a huge smile, I thanked him and continued on, later to discover that the envelope contained a check for $150.00—Wow!

My bank was conveniently located one block from the hotel and so I was able to cash the check on my dinner break. It was more than enough for my new puppy. When he came to meet me, I called him, Toby, and he came to me as if that had always been his name. When we arrived home, he raced around investigating every room, then came and lay on my foot and went to sleep—he was home. Who ever heard of a Christmas bonus in June? I think that was God’s idea! When God decides, He provides! It was double what I needed, but then He knew I would need dog food and toys; He is a God of more than enough!



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