The Visit

Jesus came to my house one day. It was back in 1981 or ’82. Hungry and seeking the Lord for more, I had been crying out to God. “I know there is more!” I would exclaim to Him. My parents had raised me in a denomination that didn’t really delve too deep into the Spirit of God. God bless them, they were teaching what they knew, but my heart just knew there was MORE!

One early evening, as I was lying on my bed, a bright ‘Light’ entered my room. The room became so instantly brilliant and filled with light, that I closed my eyes and could not open them for the brightness. The Lord Jesus’ Presence so filled my room it was as if He consumed all space around me. He spoke to me in, what I believe, was an audible voice for it was not like the quiet voice I hear in my spirit, but it was like it consumed me and reverberated all around me. “Ask Me into your heart.” He said. “I already did that.” was my quick response. I am thankful that He is so kind and patient, for now I am embarrassed that I was so bold before Him. I really did not think, it all came as such a surprise, but I simply and honestly replied what I knew. For it was not unusual to be in conversation with Him, however, this visit was definitely a new experience for me.

I had asked Jesus into my heart as a teenager. It was not an eventful time for me though, not like it should be, but more like following the example of others; not a true and sincere heart decision. This may have been the reason for His ‘prompt’ for me to ‘ask’ for it was not truly out of repentance and understanding on my part, but rather an imitation. Likewise, it didn’t really ‘stick’ as I lived a life of the world soon after, and not a life of increasing holiness, (See I Pe. 1:15-16) that should be evident in a believer.

“Ask Me Again.” His response followed. To which I immediately obeyed. My heart was all there, for I had already been crying out to God for answers and direction. When I had spoken the words nothing more was said, but a ‘great weight’ pressed down upon me. It remained for a brief time, probably only a few seconds or so and then lifted and the Weight of His Presence was gone.

Immediately I thought of Moses; his face had shone when he had been in the Presence of the Lord. With this in mind, I got up and ran to the mirror to see if there was a difference. I don’t remember if I looked different or not, but I have never been the same since. This was the first of several times that Jesus has come to me and it was the beginning of His answer to my prayers.


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